Fast winning pinewood derby car designs utilize proper pinewood derby tools and jigs. 

Pitstop™ is your first stop for pinewood derby wheel installation and building.  This is our unique, never before seen jig brought to the PWD industry.  Out of box thinking done at Derby Dust!  Let's watch them copy another one of our designs!   Designed for all shapes, profiles, wheel bases.

Pitstop™ also holds all the necessary tools for building and repairs!

Every den should have one of these at the pits to make all the necessary adjustments.

No more busted wheels. Pitstop attaches easily to any base with provided mounting screw holes. Great for build or repairs.

No more hammering in the under wheel installing the other side!  Watch my son use it with ease!

Available with or without tooling.  

Every Pack needs one at the Repair Station.



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