Fast Pinewood Derby Speed Tricks

This is an expert build pinewood derby secret.  Everyone polishes axles.  Hardly anyone polishes wheels.  When .001 matters, this trick makes our cars  at least .01" faster every time!    Want to know why that dad always finishes first?  You can bet this is one of those tricks he does not share.
Nearly every once skips this step. 45 minutes of work = faster speeds as much as 0.010-0.015 seconds. So simple you cubber can do it.

Simple, no smoke and mirrors.  No inflated costs. Guaranteed results.  

Works with oil or dry lube.  If you are using oil, skip the dry-lube prep step.  

Over the 2013 summer, we did some more testing and found a way to make them a little faster.  We added a pre-polish to our previous 2 step process. 

You can hear and see the difference.  Increases speed, decreases overall time on my track around .01-.015 seconds on 30.75 feet measuring distance.  Definitely a major difference.

Included in kit:

20x micro bore no scratch buffing spears  
8x no scratch cotton swabs
1x Step 1 Polishing compound
1x Step 2 Polishing Compound
1x Inner hub Dry Lube treatment 

Instructions for application.  Takes about 45 minutes to complete a wheel set.
Enough swabs to service 1 car.  

Drill required for application


Wheels are cleaned, then polishing step 1 compound is buffed in with high speed drill and micro bore polishing spears. 

Once polish is buffed, allow buffing compound to dry, then buff clean with micro bore spear.

 Repeat above step for applying second step.  Again allowing polishing compound to dry after application and buffing clean.

Once dry, the wheel goes through a final buffing process that makes the wheel's bore pop to a nice and shiny surface.   Wheels have spun for approx 15 seconds without any lube applied.  The polish is that good!   And then I realized there was a missing step.  I spent the summer doing some research and designed a dry lube blend used to coat the surface areas of wheel and axle rub.  This lube is especially designed so that will permanently embed in the surface of the plastic wheel.  It CAN"T be blown off with compressed air once buffed in!   We don't sell gimmicks.  I know this process yields results. 

Instructions provided.  Check out the YouTube



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