Precision Measured Matched Inner Bore ***New for 2013-2014 season

We believe this option is more appropriate than mold match wheels.  Wheels are matched using precision certified pin gauges.  Accuracy of .0002".  We are the first in the industry to offer this type of service.  Let's watch the rest follow.  Rest assured that your wheels will be as near identical as we can make them.  If all your wheels have the same rotational travel, will make it easier to tune your car and reduce wheel wobble.  No need for averaging.  We will match exact diameters. 

With matched inner bores spun on same lathe, you have near identical wheels on the inside and out!  Regardless of mold, regardless of how they cooled.  

Derby Dust again challenged old thought processes!  Question EVERYTHING. Take the Red Pill.  It will only bring new questions!

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