Pinewood Derby Axle diamond polishPictured is a Bulk syringe.
FIRST YOU HAVE TO WET SAND YOUR AXLES!!!!!  After you have wet sanded your axles, get that mirror polish with this compound. Use a drill and provided clean t-shirts strips to bring those axles to a mirror finish. More than enough to do a dozen axles. 1 Gram of 2 micron heavy concentration diamond polish. We use it on our axles! 

White T-Shirt Strips are provided.  Also anti-rust strip to make sure that your axles don't rust while in storage.  No need to go and tear up that old t-shirt. We provided 2x strips for all your needs.

For the highest possible shine, polish your axles with our custom made 2 Micron diamond finish paste.  We know whats in it because we make it our selves.  It is considered a "heavy" concentration meaning there is more diamond powder than the standard grade.  

Polishing Instructions 

How to use the paste.  Always were safety glasses !!!!! 
  1. Use a drill attached to a solid surface.  I do not like Dremels because the RPM is too high and will burn your polishing compound.  I do not like drill press because the approach is incorrect and you run the chance of injuring yourself.  Also, drill press usually has more HP than a hand drill and it can hurt you if you run into any problems. 
  2. Chuck an axle into the tool.  You want to have the all the sanded portion of the axle exposed plus a little bit of the factory plating to ensure complete polish surface.
  3. Apply a small dab of polish to the provided cotton strips.
  4. Polish the axle for about 15 seconds or so.  Pay special attention to the underside of the axle head and the about 1/2" of the shaft underneath the head of the axle.  Compound will cause a darkish/blackish residue on the cotton strip.  This is normal.  
  5. Use a clean part of the strip to buff off the residue until there it no longer discolors the strip
  6. Clean the axles with Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol, and then dry.   We suggest to seal the metal to ensure that there will be no rusting at a later date.  Remember you have removed the plating, no you have a raw polished steel axle. Use the provided anti-rust paper to help eliminate rust if you do not have a sealant.   

Video to come soon....  I thought someone else had published one.  Can't find it, so I will have to make one up.  Sorry about that.  

Here's the answer to the million dollar question.  What do I suggest?  First I say check you rules......  Then use the following advice.

So my choice:  Physics car body 3-wheel racer.  Lead Weight. 3k bent axles (3x 2.5, 1x 1.5), pliers, Wheel Polish kit or service, Derby Dust graphite.  You will have to choose what wheels you want to play by, but they will determine speed of car second to tuning the axles correctly

Pinewood Derby Tuning is the Key

So you are going to need to focus mainly on tuning or adjusting your axles.  You want your car to go down the track as straight as it can without going side to side.  Easiest way to do this is 3 wheels touching and make it ride along the center strip.  So you purposely make it track to the high side.  Takes time.  Not technical, Not complicated, just time.  The correct tool-- axle pliers.  This $25 purchase is the difference between a headache and a breeze.  what you will need is 4x bent axles so that you can do this:  for 4 wheels I always suggest 3x2.5 1x1.5 angles

If you have to do 4 wheel tuning....

Pinewood Derby Speed Axles

polish level.... 
3k for graphite with break-in 
100K for oil or graphite with just dust and spin.  You are substituting the lube for a higher polish metal.  
Bent axles will be fastest (rail riding) however each axle needs to be adjusted (tuned) so that it steers the car down the track and not side to side.  Each axle will have to be adjusted:  Watch the tuning video above...substitute treadmill for tuning board if needed.  Bent axles for the wheel to ride in one spot and also change the amount of tread presented to track.  Ice skates vs rollerblades just the inner part of wheel will touch. (red wheel). 
Picture originally published on forum

Pinewood Derby Speed Wheels


Lighter the better. Lighter wheels will require use of tuning pliers however to remove axles/wheels.  
Polish the bores.  Either you or me.  Its pretty simple.
Flawless bores will eliminate any abnormal rotation in relation to wheel spinning around axles.  

Weight reduced wheels start around 1.7 grams. Have all the lettering.  Charlie Bravo or Black Op's will be those weights. Charlie Bravo has factory outer tread.  Black Op's will have lathed outer tread.
Derby Worx makes a 1.5 and 1 gram wheel, but a little more noticeable machining done to them.   Lighter is always better! They are all very fast wheels.  Choose what will meet your pack's rules.

Pinewood Derby Graphite Lube

Graphite on graphite has a lower coefficient of friction than steel on plastic.  Our theory is build layers of lube on layers of lube.  Then you have graphite on graphite peeling off each race.  Break In / Lube building process
PicturePinewood derby speed axles
We are getting ready for the upcoming 2017 pinewood derby racing season.  Have you began to think about your cubber's build yet?

Check out our polished ready to race pinewood derby speed axles.  Paired with our polished and prepped pinewood derby speed wheels it's a killer combination that will be hard to beat.  Follow our pinewood derby tuning process and you'll be car lengths ahead of the competition.

We offer polished axles starting at the 2000 grit wet polished level and offer up to 100,000 grit diamond polished.  Using the industry's only computer controlled CNC buffing machine, we can assure that each axle is exactly polished the same.  Same pressure, same angle of entry and exit, and same mount of time on each buffing wheel to ensure a consistent product.  A consistent product ensures consistent results.  Plain and simple.

Derby Dust utilizes custom designed CNC machines, and propriety programs to make nearly every PWD item it offers.  We are the ONLY vendor that sells CNC polished axles.  Watch our YouTube video of the 9 step process.  Custom CNC machine designed, built, and programmed by Blair.  See what previous customers say about our products! 

Check out our NEW wheel set.  Derby Dust Black Ops Wheels meet majority of pack rules and are setting new records because of their unique qualities.   See if they meet your pack rules!  Use code: 

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This video shows you how to install wheels and axles for your pinewood derby body without breaking chipping busting out your slots!  NO MORE HAMMERING!  Do not hammer!

  • #44 Drill Bit
  • Pin Vise
  • Derby Worx Axle Guide
  • Clamp (optional)
  • Patience!


Pinewood Derby Speed Axles

100,000 grit Optical Finish

Fast winning pinewood derby car designs utilize polished speed axles.  

Take a look at our pictures of our quality work of pinewood derby axle close up pictures.   They say it all!  


Lexx from Derby Dust has mastered the 100K  OPTICAL POLISH!  And man he has been setting track records since then.  

Even better!!!! LISTEN!!!!

Our prepped have been deburred, shaped, straightened and sanded down to a 2000 grit finish. From that point, each axle goes through a buffing process up to 100,000 grit OPTICAL FINISH!  We use separate buffing wheels to ensure no cross contamination. Then we seal the prepped axle with a Krytox sealing agent. Through our professional, industry leading, lubrication resources, we have found a substance that binds Krytox to metal. That's right a metal sealing agent that has one of the most friction less substances known to pinewood derby racing. This is NOT putting a drop krytox oil on it. This is binding Krytox to the surface of the metal. 

You can't even buy 2 of the tools needed to do this for under $25. Much less the files sandpaper, sealer, and buffing materials.

We are getting average speeds of 12.45+ feet per second out of these sets or 2.47's or less on a 30.75 foot metal track with DRY LUBE!

Get even FASTER speeds with lighter wheels.


With speeds of 15+ fps on the last 10 feet of the track.  WITH OUR GRAPHITE DRY LUBE

No reason you can't do the same. 

Axles are wrapped in tissue paper to ship to ensure that your axles are not scratched up during shipping process.  

Making BSA axles into speed axles is an art and process. You have to have very specialized tooling to do it correctly as well as efficiently.  This is the method that we followed and then tweaked to your liking.  It's a very good start, although the visuals could have been a little better.  

To start off you are going to need 3x the amount of axles that you need. If you are making one car, then we suggest a dozen axles. If you don't want to purchase 2 extra set of wheels and axles, then you can visit this store to get them by the dozen.

The reason being is that you only want to attempt to fix the ones that are the straightest. It seems that the axles just might be purposely bent...

Tools Needed

  • File--the finer the cut the better. The key is to remove the burrs and crimps without reducing the diameter of the axle. sells the finest file we have found to date.
  • Sandpaper-wet-400 grit through the sky is the limit.... we like 2000 for dry lube. 60,000 grit for oil.
  • Derby Worx pro axle press--a must for straightening an axle
  • Metal "bucking" bar to support your sandpaper while sanding.
  • Baster of some sort to add water
  • Bowl to catch water from wet sanding
  • Clean strip of cloth material to clean each stage of sanding. YES each stage needs its own cloth. You can NOT share with another stage.
  • Your going to need a hammer
  • Proper safety equipment
  • Some sort of drill, drill press, or lathe. NO DREMEL!!!!! Spins / removed material too aggressively.
  • Metal sealant/wax of some sort to keep your new polish job from rusting. Do your research to find the DIY. Most like some kind of jewelry rouge or wax based car polish. We have our own special sealant and it's not one of those. 

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